Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is it with Toronto??

I know it's still early in the year, but posting seem to be slower than in December, I guess the x-may/NYE rush is over.

I don't understand how these places, they will either:

a. treat staff like crap
b. not pay you (or underestimate your hours)
c. screw you around with shifts
d. pay slightly more than minimum wage for trained Chefs.

This should be a warning to anyone considering culinary school. All you will end up with is a kickass knife set, a lot of wasted money on tuition and a job that won't allow you much room to grow and/or use your skills.

Fine, there are good places to work, but they are few and far between.

I'm done bitching for today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Any Better... not yet.

The list continues to grow. (bold are the new additions).

They include (in not particular order):

So if you see listings for these places, and unless you hate your life, don't go to:
1. Mother Earth (Queen St.) learing to speak english is optional.
2. Lily Resto-Louge (College St.)
3. Coco Lezzone(College St.)
4. Caplansky's Deli (College St.) (sorry spelled it wrong on the last post).
5. Nota Bene (Queen St.) I wonder if the guy who's paying $10 for soup knows the cooks are only making $10/hr.?
6. Watermark Irish Pub (Harbourfront), ok this place seems to seat over six hundred people at capacity, with only 4 cooks, and seeminly lost wait staff, charging premium prices for substandard pub fare. DEAR WATERMARK: Say Hi to the Edmund Fitzgerald when you end up in the bottom of another Great Lake.
7. Bravi (Wellington St.)
8. Magic Oven (Multiple Locations)
9. Sandwich Box (Multiple Locations)
10. Funnel L. Fun (Avenue Road)
11. W Burger Bar (College St.)
12. Subway Sub (45 Carlton St. Location) read the growing thread on Craigslist .

Wow, are there any decent places to work?