Monday, December 21, 2009

...and a happy Hanukkah too

So, Michael wrote about his bad and life threatening experiences at Caplinski's on College Street. What is it with College Street, is this where good cooks go to die or go broke?

PLEASE NOTE: That the Jewish comments in Michael's thread are HIS not mine, and he say's He himself is Jewish. So NO, I'm not some anti semitic, racist, neo-nazi bastard. Infact, I highly value peoples right to express themselves, and have served this country to protect this (and other) rights both here and abroad. and no, while I was there I wasn't cooking, and fortunately for my own moral being, I didn't have to kill anybody. Although, I do have quite a few more uses for a knife than most Chefs I know. ;-P

Anyhow, I actually went to Caplinki's. I was supposed to interview there, but I wanted to checkout the scene first. I saw, well first heard, the owner yelling at people, then come out of the kitchen with a big smile on his face acting like nothing was wrong... Now having read Michael's comments, he was probably high. LOL

Then I decided that this would be one interview I'd skip, besides, it wasn't a restaurant, it was more of a deli/diner atmosphere. I didn't bother going to Chef School to work at a glorified Druxy's.

Is there anyplace on College Street worth working at?


  1. hey, im not even a chef but i think its good work that people in Toronto are starting to stand up for labour rights.
    I just came back from Calgary, a city less in size than Toronto, that pays far more for even the most basic of positions.

    Keep it up,
    any good restauraunts int he college/jarvis area? I need something for NYE

  2. Just keep checking craigslist, and kajiji, etc. sorry if misspelt. I'm tired.

    Anyways< there a lot of good restaurants in TO, you just need to find a place where you like, and they like you.

    Happy hunting.