Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OK, now adding feedback as well as listings.

The list continues to grow. (bold are the new additions).

They include (in not particular order):

So if you see listings for these places, and unless you hate your life, don't go to:
1. Mother Earth (Queen St.) learing to speak english is optional.
2. Lily Resto-Louge (College St.)
3. Coco Lezzone(College St.)
4. Caplansky's Deli (College St.) (sorry spelled it wrong on the last post).
5. Nota Bene (Queen St.) I wonder if the guy who's paying $10 for soup knows the cooks are only making $10/hr.?
6. Watermark Irish Pub (Harbourfront), ok this place seems to seat over six hundred people at capacity, with only 4 cooks, and seeminly lost wait staff, charging premium prices for substandard pub fare. DEAR WATERMARK: Say Hi to the Edmund Fitzgerald when you end up in the bottom of another Great Lake.
7. Bravi (Wellington St.)
8. Magic Oven (Multiple Locations)
9. Sandwich Box (Multiple Locations)
10. Funnel L. Fun (Avenue Road)
11. W Burger Bar (College St.)
It's not the best place to work, but atleast they pay you for the hours you do work.. Seems like the owner is a nice guy, but as far as what his wants/doesn't want.. he's all over the board.
P.S. He thinks he's the hottest thing in Toronto, but the Star Food critic rated his the lowest of all the gourmet burger joints.

Wow, are there any decent places to work?


  1. I work at W Burger, no complaints. What exactly are you talking about when you say he goes over board with his wants/doesn't wants? To my knowledge he has fired a number of people of questionable attitude and work ethic. If you do your job right, he is your best friend.

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  3. "To my knowledge he has fired a number of people of questionable attitude and work ethic. If you do your job right, he is your best friend."

    You are fortunate because it's not your work ethic that'll keep you there.

    I was always on time (on line 5-10 minutes before my shift) and did my work properly in addition to doing it to his spec. You say that doing what he says keeps you safe but that's a lie. He fired a fry/bun person the week before me that until then I thought was one of the better workers (skill and ethic) I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You guys probably have 4 cooks on line at the busiest time. We had 3 (2 cooks and a middle person) and the middle guy did buns for the both of us and fries.... while he stands in front of us all night yelling nonsense (imagining things and yelling that we stand and literally STARE at the grill, otherwise we're not focused enough, whenever I was alone and would HAVE TO DRESS MY OWN BUNS, I got yelled at too many times for not staring at the one burger on the grill while it cooked) and spitting all over the food that's on the counter?? Do folks know that he spits on the burgers while trying to blow the crumbs off??? AND the waitresses come back to confirm that it was appaling how he dealt with us. The new cook came to me in confidence to ask me why he rails us (me in particular) and no one says nothing.

    Something's wrong with this picture no??

    Doing what he says means gambling. If he FEELS like you're doing a good job then you are, proof and logic don't matter here.

    I served a SOLID rush my last shift, and ofcourse it was the one and only time I worked and organized myself alone with a helper that was open and willing to work with me. We served all our tables properly, on time, and with enough compliments and tips that one of our waitresses circumvented the "tip pool" (money we never saw) to give us cash for our efforts. We had served a rather important table well enough that the tips were good.

    Does that support your belief that he fired inept workers or had questionable attitude?

    The man is a loose cannon dangerous for being in the situation he is. He is unfit for having the kind of power he has. I've worked enough situations to have someone pop out of his own arrogance and tell me I am not doing a good job ESPECIALLY when the cook next to me is picking his nose and works with standards fit for a coffee truck. I won't have ANYONE question my ethic when I can plainly see that I can pick up any mutt dog on the street to do a better job in cleanliness, speed, and quality than the cooks that remained and kept their jobs at W.

    What he does want however, is BLIND OBEDIENCE.

  4. you work at a burger joint (well, before you got sacked!) Either you really need the money or you really suck at cooking. Either way, beggars can't be choosers.

  5. So why don't tell us a little about yourself and your accomplishments before talking about mine?

    3rd Option: I'm one of thousands of students working at whatever jobs to get by before they get on with their lives. (does that option happen in your world?)

    No tell us a little about you?

  6. are you mad because he is right?

  7. Who's mad?

    Jokers, someone else I'm close to got the boot and would LOVE to hear your opinions right now. Tell her what you've told me so we can all laugh in your faces.

    You two DESERVE W. Are you staring at the grill like he wants you too? No talking to anyone either eh lol!!

    Ofcourse, unless you 2 have something to do with OWNING the place will you not go into any details about who you are.

    And yeah, don't forget to tell the bartender that just got it from them that she has a "questionable attitude and work ethic"


  8. first of all, W is their business and not yours, they are free to do whatever they think is necessary to make it run the way they want it to

    second, its just a job... dont go all e-rage over it please

    sometimes people get fired, what do they do next? get a new and better job!

    and yea i find it very strange that you let someone close to you get a job at such a terrible place like you say