Monday, December 21, 2009

OK, here is a new one.

OK folks,

The list continues to grow.

They include:

So if you see listings for these places, and unless you hate your life, don't go to:

1. W Burger Bar (College St.)
2. Lily Resto-Louge (College St.)
3. Coco Lezzone(College St.)
4. Caplansky's Deli (College St.) (sorry spelled it wrong on the last post).
5. Nota Bene (Queen St.)
6. Watermark Irish Pub (Harbourfront)
7. Bravi (Wellington St.)

OK, I will tell you that some restaurants will ask you to work a 'stage'. It's basically a bullshit french term for "try out"... and means you'll be working in their kitchen during a service to see how you fit in. This is NOT an uncommon practice... and you shouldn't expect to receive compensation for this, but hey a free meal and a beer isn't too much to ask for... if you fit in or not... and really if you don't like the place, especially the kitchen and it's food or cleanliness, just have the beer. :-P.

Don't work beyond the initial day without some sort of paperwork being done, i.e. tax forms, payroll info, etc... you know the drill.

If you work for a place for days, or weeks, or even longer and don't get paid for it, please don't bitch about it here, because obviously you are an IDIOT.

As for a tip pool or tip sharing or tipping out to the kitchen... realistically, unless its a major company with computer printouts of server sales and percentages to be distributed to the kitchen, any thing you get is a blessing. I know that sucks, but that really is reality.

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