Monday, December 21, 2009

And so the list grows.

I've personally gotten some really good stories on STAY THE F*CK AWAY FROM.

They include:

So if you see listings for these places, and unless you hate your life, don't go to:

1. W Burger Bar (College St.)
2. Lily Resto-Louge (College St.)
3. Coco Lazone(College St.)
4. Cakpliskis Deli (College St.)
5. Nota Bene (Queen St.)
6. Watermark Irish Pub (Harbourfront)

I don't have the addresses, I'm not mapquest, so look'em up yourself. :-P

... and if you are a poor starving chef/cook, remember my friends pigeons are squab... and there are enough of them around to make a hearty meal. :-P


  1. another restaurant to add to the "black list" is Bravi on Wellington St. The owner is a first class ass****. He likes to rounddown your hours ( say you work 39 hours a week, you will see 35 on your paystub), he takes all the servers's tips and pockets over half before redistributing them in a "suppossed" tip-pool.

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  3. JEFF, I just got scammed by Bravi TODAY!

    I SLAVED in the kitchen for 5 straight hours today and Sam, the manager, says "I'm not paying you, because it was a "TRIAL DAY." I called the Labour Board and they said basically that I hadn't established an employer-employee relationship so I basically got fucked.

    LESSON LEARNED, and I don't need that lesson again.

    I already forgot all of the other kitchen staff's names... Jeff were you there today? or were you the reason that a position opened up. ...I was the tall malnourished guy who needed a haircut.

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  5. Oh yeah been there with Sam. I worked there FOH summer 2008. I had to confront him on three separate occasions to get my last paycheque. Hi Jeff! Did you move on to somehwere better? I'm at The Fat Belgian... it's decent.